RIO 2016 Worldwide Product Launch – A New Era of Sports Begins!

RIO 2016 Worldwide Product Launch – A New Era of Sports Begins!

Rio de Janeiro, August 2016 – every year new records are set, and the Olympics are no exception. Intense training, talent, and unbreakable will lead athletes to new heights. But significant and less well known are the technical innovations or new trainings methods that also contributed to these successes. Adidas helped Jesse Owens to his four gold medals using revolutionary spiked track shoes during the 1936 Olympics. In 1954, the German national team overpowered Bern using innovative cleated shoes. This year, the 2016 Olympics begin a new era of sports with the German-made ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR!


Two and a half years of in-house development have gone into creating ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR – now on August 19 the complete series were presented to Sportsmen, international olympic athletes, journalists as well as authors at the worldwide product launch in Rio.

ANTELOPE is the sportswear of the future! Our vision is that every person regardless of their age and individual fitness level reaches their fitness goals and unlocks their potential. With ANTELOPE you can workout wherever and whenever you want in the most effective way, using the same technology as the world’s best athletes.  ANTELOPE is the first series of technologically-enhanced sportswear embedded with muscle-targeting electrodes that stimulate each of your major muscle groups. ANTELOPE is a game changer. It will disrupt the whole fitness and sports apparel industry. Our multiple award winning innovation can substitute every personal trainer, fitness machine and fitness club – our sportswear is the gym!

Wearable Life Science (WLS) was founded in March 2014 by Philipp G. Schwarz (serial entrepreneur) and Kay Rathschlag (EMS pioneer) together with sports scientist Patrick Thumm. Dr. Mynia Deeg (finance and medical expert) joined the management team in January 2016. In less than two years they built up an interdisciplinary team of currently 25 members. The team includes textile and electrical engineers, software and IT specialists, distribution, marketing and PR experts. They developed a never seen sports tech product consisting of three parts: a compressive textile with embedded electrodes and wiring and an innovative hardware and app to control the system. WLS raised 1.7 million EURO seed- and early-stage investment from nine experienced Business Angels.

ANTELOPE is the world’s first performance enhancing sportswear. The innovation is based on electro muscle stimulation (EMS). This technology originates from rehabilitation and competitive sport. EMS is used by many sports superstars like Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal, the Klitschko brothers as also by the world’s best football teams Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.