Challenger of Soft Drinks Firms – The Right Cup

Challenger of Soft Drinks Firms – The Right Cup

Game Changer or Swindler?
Recently, a start-up company launched their fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo, which immediately caught everyone’s attention. By naming their product “The Right Cup”, users would have the feeling of drinking cider when they are actually drinking plain water. Is this just another scam that steals money from investors’ pockets, or a revolutionary product that has the potential to compete with Coca Cola or Pepsi and eventually be able to seize much of the market shares from these celebrated oligopolists?

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Just a Black Magic?
It might sound unbelievable, yet rather than saying that we are tasting the food, it ought to be rephrased and becomes “smelling the food”. Why? Research has proven the fact that more than 80% of our judgment of the taste is based on the scent that sheds from the food itself, not by the tiny taste buds that are closely in contact with the delicacies. Biologists concluded that there 2 major ways for us to know the taste of a food. The 1st way is called orthonasal olfaction, meaning the process which we feel the smell with our nose. Typical examples include the experience of walking into a restaurant and get immersed in the pleasant scent of food. The 2nd way is called retronasal olfaction, implying the process that we feel the smell with our mouth. To put that simply, while you are munching your sandwich, you are tasting the lettuce through retronasal olfaction.

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So, How is it related to The Right Cup?
By knowing the basic principles that our brain obtains the information of smell, it is time to link it up with the recently released product. To simulate the experience of drinking tasty juices that are freshly made, the start-up company adds food additives with various flavors to the cup. For instance, they designed a set of cups that are comprised of four different fruit flavors, like apple, lemon lime and orange. Besides, through painting the cups in accordance with the original fruit color – like apple-flavored cups are painted in red – it helps our brain spontaneously associate with the times that we are actually enjoying cider. Therefore, when you fill the cup with water, add some ice cubes to it and take a sip of water, the scent from the food additives and the gaily-colored cup immediately fools your brain, letting you feel like drinking cider. This, is the working principle of this fascinating cup.

Bright Future Ahead?
After knowing how exactly this lovely cup works, it demonstrates an incredible potential to utterly alters the ecosystem of current soft drinks market. The most significant edge of the product is the focus on health. According to demographic studies made by several firms, the popularity of soft drinks has shown a close relationship with number of patients diagnosed with diabetes. Under the inevitable trend of healthy lifestyle, soft drinks together with junk food will no longer be as widely accepted as past times. The Right Cup can therefore take over those soft drinks hegemonies by introducing their product to the market. In my personal view, the only problem that exists in the future would just be the matter of price. Yet, I believe that as long as mass production commences, the average cost will soon be lowered to an affordable price.

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Moreover, the reusable property that The Right Cup possesses helps it to be competitive. No matter how the future price of soft drinks plummet, The Right Cup definitely has the upper hand. It is said by the company that the scent of the food additives can last for up to 6 months, an astonishingly long period for most of the customers. This implies that users can unlimitedly enjoy the experience of drinking cider within the time period.

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To conclude with, this gorgeous product will very likely be challenging the soft drinks giants in the future. Hope that the product can soon appear on shelves of the supermarkets for our enjoyment. 



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