Fintech 020 – “Coins have more than two sides, make the best use of your coins”

Fintech 020 – “Coins have more than two sides, make the best use of your coins”

Fintech 020, co-hosted with Cyberport, Nexchange along with media partner, yours truly, Miss FQ was taken place on Jan 16, 2016 for the International Fintech Pitch Evening. Supporting organizations include the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, University of Warterloo, Chicago booth etc. with gold sponsors such as Invest HK, Four Directions and New Gate. When I first walked into the Smart-Space, level 4, Core E at Cyberport, it was very spacious with a wide view overlooking the Telegraph Bay. Once I got to the level, it’s a very innovative space with multiple meeting rooms and co-working open areas.

A variety of start ups and companies have pitched to the audiences covering sectors like cybersecurity, digital currency, crowdfunding software for private capital markets, platforms to bridge social and banking, cognitive computing technology, math based big data analytics, and smart risk management systems.

“Coins have more than two sides, make the best use of your coins” is the catchphrase of HEYCOINS, which is a chain kiosk that tackle the inconveniences by the use of physical coins. The mechanism behind HEYCOINS is that the kiosk will collect the physical coins from mass market and converts them into digital currency that can be use for multiple purposes, including e-wallet recharge, transportation/cash cards top-up, e-cash coupons purchase, and charitable donations. Its’ intention is to bring positive social impact by recycling coins, removing coins from unwanted circulation, and at the same time, reduce the massive manufacturing costs of coins for government by controlling the return of the stored coins back into circulation. Often in the office, I see colleagues collect and keep physical coins from change and stack them into many rolls. Some would pile them up at the corner of their desk or simply put them into cookie jars. HEYCOINS basically can help alleviating the heavy coins that make you angry to carry with. It can help to locate their kiosk so that you can dump the coins in and then select your favorite conversion options. You can then leave your phone number to process and get your receipt.

HEYCOINS is relentlessly committed to reinvest more than 65% of their profits into business matters that will do social good. They strongly urge the public to basically deposit their unwanted or stored coins into charitable causes via their kiosks. In addition, HEYCOINS provide cash management support services to charities and NGOs such as Unicef, Oxfam, WWF, Hong Kong Blind Union for their fundraising campaigns. This is a positive entrepreneurship which could affect social impact and improve charities’ efficiency in fundraising. To name just a few of the many awards that HEYCOINS has received: Startup Weekend #9 Champion, Cyberport Incubatee, Top Fintech startup in HK by the FST Media, and the Winner of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016. The CEO of HEYCOINS, Mr. Eddie Rong is a vibrant and passionate entrepreneur with formal backgrounds in finance and risk management. His previous working experiences include FWD Life Insurance (H.K.), China Taiping Reinsurance (H.K.), ICBC ( China), Pan Pacific Hotels Group (S.G.), and Neusoft Corporation ( China).

With the surging shifts to digital and paperless banking, privacy and cybersecurity have been the hot and important topics. APrivacy is a patented technology that enables banks and financial services to exchange documents with clients securely along with seamless user experience. It basically embeds the security within the document itself, allowing it to be shared on mobile applications with military grade security and the ability for the bank to restrict the access and the use of documents at all times, including when offline or when the document has been downloaded. The benefits would be deploying efficient and cost effective services while complying with all the regulatory requirements. It is fitted for IPOs, M&A transactions, due diligence data room etc.

APrivacy would be able to get rid of the commonly used document exchange tools’ weak security features such as Dropbox. It will also remove the pain points of end users logging on a 3rd party web portal with cumbersome procedures with no mobile or offline capabilities which result in client’s frustrations and disengagement. APrivacy also offers products such as secure e-statement, secure email, and secure messaging besides secure documents sharing. The CEO of APrivacy, Cedric Jeannot, has a PhD in Computer Science, is a cryptography and security expert, and his vision is to provide the banking industry with an information security and tracking services at anywhere, anytime on any device.

The Fintech 020 International Fintech Pitch night was fully packed with speakers, panelists and presenters on many innovative technological platforms and solutions for everyday’s affairs. It has brought many forward thinkers, investors, and revolutioners into the house.