Peakford – A Fintech Pioneer in the Local Hong Kong Property Market

Peakford – A Fintech Pioneer in the Local Hong Kong Property Market

Jason Mok, CEO of Peakford, presented in Finovate Asia on 8th Nov 2016 on a real estate platform his company developed, which applies technical analysis and real-time heatmap on the local Hong Kong property market.

According to Mok, the Hong Kong real estate market accounts for 60% of the mainstream wealth. In recent years, investments in property technology has a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 74%.

Peakford is a local fintech startup, which applies big-data analysis, algorithms, technical analysis and charting on the real estate market. Since 90% of the property buyers would search online for more information before making decisions, Peakford strives to become a central hub to enable realtors, property buyers, sellers, and investors to make sensible decisions via visualized statistical and analytical tools.

The central hub that Peakford developed for users is called Exbidata. According to Mok, ExbiData is the first data and technical analysis platform in the real estate industry in the world, supported by big data analysis, charting, technical analysis, investment alert system, and experts in the community. The platform is equipped with the following 7 unique features:


1.  Persistent Collection of Global Data
The data primarily comes from the government (e.g. The Hong Kong Rating and Valuation Department), industrial organizations and local data providers. What needs to be highlighted is, ExbiData constantly collects real estate data through overseas property market news, geo-location distribution and local transactions histories, from multiple sources in the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

2.  Statistical Modelling and Technical Analysis
With non-stop data collection, ExbiData could thus have live statistical modelling and technical analysis data on the property market, and then generate reliable analysis and forecasts of macro and micro trends, and articulate investment insights.

3.  Speedy alert system for Timely Decisions
To facilitate timely decisions, ExbiData is equipped with an alert system which reminds investors with turnaround signals and buy / sell advice.

4.  Extensibility of Programming Languages and Interface Platforms
ExbiData supports multiple programming languages, such as R, JSON, Matlab, CSV, Python, and downloading formats such as XML, Excel. Its all-in-one web/mobile app dashboard interface also supports multi-device platforms.

5.  Diverse Visualized Tools on Massive Data
With diverse visualized patterns, ExbiData can generate user-friendly charts and maps to cater for individual preferences and learning needs for different types of members.

6.  User Level of Analysis and Programming
The ExbiData’s library has abundant technical analysis indicators. The platform allows both novices and sophisticated users to customize their levels of data management. Novices can easily plot their own charts by selecting the desired technical indicators, chart algorithms, and alert parameters, while professionals can download or import API to their platforms, so that they can set their own algorithms and create alert checkpoints for their own strategies.

7.  Social Sharing Enablement for Deeper Insights
ExbiData is also equipped with social sharing functions, members can easily share their customized charts and portfolio ideas via social media. There is also an expert community which allows members to interact, learn, and collaborate with each other in real-time. Those sharing of good insights may be rewarded.

In Hong Kong, property has for long been the major asset class for keeping local people’s wealth, but there has also been a lack of a comprehensive data platform, including updated modelling analysis and reliable price forecast, where there are abundant for the stock market. As the pioneer local fintech startup in the real estate industry, Peakford now fills the void. Good news is that Peakford provides affordable solution through a “pay-as-you-use” model for to its subscribers. Its monetization model currently primarily come from advertisers and partners.

CY is the Macro Strategist of a Tech Hedge Fund, Chief-Editor of popular investment books, and Co-Editor of Previously, he worked in Private Equity Companies in China and began his career in Wealth Management Industry in Hong Kong. He is also particularly familiar with the political struggle, policy change, and legal practice in Mainland China.