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Inside the Brain of a Fintech Entrepreneur

Inside the Brain of a Fintech Entrepreneur

One of the Fintech 020 events, which was taken place at the PMQ, organized by Nexchange on Nov 10, 2016 featured “Inside the Brain of a Fintech Entrepreneur”.  It was a lively panel discussions with Henri Arslanian, adjunct Associate Professor, as the moderator from the University of Hong Kong.  Panelists include Alex Medana, CEO of FlnFabrik; Aurelien Menant, Founder and CEO of Gatecoin; Edmund J. Lowell, Founder of KYC-Chain; Rajah Chaudhry, Founder and CEO of Paycelerate; Justing Ling, CEO of Equity Sim.

Some of the tips that they would give to the next generation of Fintech entrepreneurs include ensuring enough cashflows to run the start up, having a mentality of not letting go and doing your homework and necessary preparations. For B2B start ups, one recommended not to go on IPO too soon.  A lot of them shared the same pain points of entrepreneurship such as fund raising; talents recruitments and self-mental psychic. Books that they recommended were “Narrow Road”; “Hard things about hard things” and “Small data”.

If they needed to bring in another person into their start ups, who would they bring with a selection of a few well known entrepreneurs of our times?  Some said Jack Ma and others said Elon Musk. They also all agreed that in order to attract fintech entrepreneurs, more incentives for mega banks ( i.e. Goldman Sachs; CBA) to work with start ups would be a good start.

Some of new business initiatives would include 020; payments for insurances; and chat-boxes. Some of the  courses they recommended for the next generation of fintech entrepreneurs would be programming, coding, industrial designs, psychology and Mandarin. Advices that they gave on fintech entrepreneurship are recruiting people better than yourself to focus on the business models, having multiple founders and creating values, making specific visions and missions, convicting on ideas and focusing on how quickly you can make a customer to start paying your services or products etc. What they thought the future would hold in Hong Kong is that there are still ample of opportunities for RegTech sector to grow.

What can Hong Kong learn from China Fintech?

What can Hong Kong learn from China Fintech?

Fintech 020, organized by Nexchange, was taken place at PMQ during the week of Nov 7-10, 2016 in Hong Kong. On Nov 10, 2016, a session was about “What can Hong Kong learn from China Fintech?” by Edward Tse, founder & CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company.  He specifically focused on what Hong Kong entrepreneurs can learn from China’s.

Although there are many issues visibly happening in the Greater China region, including environmental pollutions, P2P lending, massive disconnect between urban and rural areas, just to name a few. Mr. Tse thought what other people view as imperfections are valid opportunities to ignite the fire for entrepreneurship. He emphasized that today’s disruptors could be disrupted tomorrow and urge millennials to seek opportunities to solve the disruptors they see around them.


Although people who have just started out in their careers would ponder and weigh on the risks involve going down the path of entrepreneurship where historic statistics have pointed to a low probability of success and acceptance.   It is said that roughly less than 10% of the start ups will survive the first 2-3 years of its’ inception. The % varies in different regions and countries across different spectrum of industries.  Peter’s Thiel’s book, “Zero to One”, was then recommended and so as “One…. Infinity” by George Gamow.

One of the theories being highlighted is that even a small % of a large number is still a large number.  A big platform allows you to unleash all kinds of potential on global reach.  Last but not least, mentality counts a lot in entrepreneurship while creating an exponential organization requires an exponential mindset.